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What is 8D audio?

You might have seen term 8D Audio in the next column or in your suggested videos if you spend a lot of time on YouTube. How about 8D audio? Yes, it’s a thing. That’s a thing. But how can eight-dimensional audio be? How do our eight-dimensional ears hear? And why […]

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Difference between mixtape and album

In a certain order, a mixtape is recorded. The purpose is to synchronize the tempo among two tracks and to move from one track to another without a break. You have heard this word before, but you know what it is exactly? Do you even know it’s music-related? To get […]

recording systems
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Tips to choose a digital recording

Digital recording devices may be used for various purposes and are usually used to record a lecture or presentation for students or business people. Digital recorders, however, can also be used during an interview and also discreetly to record conversation, sounds or sounds in a specific environment. If you’re thinking […]