8D music
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What is 8D audio?

You might have seen term 8D Audio in the next column or in your suggested videos if you spend a lot of time on YouTube. How about 8D audio? Yes, it’s a thing. That’s a thing. But how can eight-dimensional audio be? How do our eight-dimensional ears hear? And why are 8D videos asking us to still put our headphones on?

In short, what’s the sidelines of 8D audio and what are the ways to make 8D music? Give us a few minutes and we’re going to explore every 8D audio dimension.

How are eight dimensions of audio?

Our brains are nevertheless unparalleled devices that can execute the incoming sounds in three dimensions from our ears – the same three dimensions that we all live in everyday life: height, width and depth. This is how we can tell the difference between the sound that comes from behind us and the sound before us.

We are going to discuss how the human brain does this a little later, but for now we’re just going to say that “8D audio” doesn’t have eight dimensions. Think of it instead as a marketing word used to label a very particular form of audio recording.

So, what’s 8D sound?

8D audio uses the concepts of binaural capture to get our brains to believe that sounds come in three-dimensional space from different locations. If you give a song an 8D treatment, it gives you the sensation you are in the middle of a room when all musicians and vocalists magically “move around” you.

8D, however, uses it as a distinguishing function. 8D tracks are still in space movement.

8D treatment


The theory behind this 8D audio signature movement is that it produces a calming feeling, although it is actually highly subjective or not. In this way, 8D audio is close to ASMR — an additional YouTube audio phenomenon, whose fans insist on relaxing, sleeping better or simply having fun. Of course, there are those who find it horrible.

Where can 8D audio be found?

Possibly the best place to find 8D audio tracks is YouTube. With over 11 million “8D audio” matches on Google, it’s a massive set and there’s no need to subscribe. YouTube is also the location for your favorite artists’ 8D treatments.